May 26, 2020

We at Amazing Smile Dental, have taken extraordinary efforts to keep our workplace safe.

In these new extraordinary times, our dental office is the safest place you can visit.

As you know, Covid-19 will not be over until a vaccine is found , which can take up go 18 months.

  1. Our front door has been changed to a motion activated (no touch) opening system, to eliminate one of the high contact surfaces.
  2. We limit the number of patients in the office and adhere to social distancing, by asking patients to remain in their car, till requested by the Receptionist
  3. Several clear plexiglass barriers provide a physical barrier between patients and receptionists.
  4. The air in our office is continuously cleaned; the HEPA filter is the only filter that can effectively remove virus particles. Then the ultraviolet light (UV light) neutralizes/kills all virus and bacteria.
  5. All aerosols generated from any dental procedures are immediately vacuumed up with a dedicated HEPA/UV vacuum that is situated chair side, and a second one in the room
  6. All our rooms that generate aerosols are sealed and the air is continuously filtered.
  7. All staff are dressed in the appropriate PPE’s including gowns, fitted N95 masks, face shields and hair bouffants.
  8. All rooms are appropriately sanitized after each/every patient .
  9. After the temperature scan, each patient is asked to wash their hands before and after their dental procedure. Also a hydrogen peroxide rinse is provided to keep your mouth virus-free.
  10. At the end of the day, we use a ultrasonic fog machine, to kill all viruses and superbugs, to sanitize the entire office thoroughly. As used in hospital OR (operating room).

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